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Cover Page The main point and goal of this paper was to show you my struggles as a writer and how I work to overcome them. Also it shows that through inspiration I can achieve things I never thought I could. I was trying to show you that through writing I can express my feelings towards anyone better then I would if I were to express it in words to their face. The strengths of my paper are that I have a clear concise controlling idea and my ideas are presented and backed up with detail. If I were to revise it more I would attempt to make it flow better. There were plenty of journal entries that I wrote that I did not get to include in this paper because they did not go with the type of paper I was trying to
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Unformatted text preview: write. There are no other thoughts I would like to share because I mentioned everything I wanted to in this paper. The feedback I received during my revisions was to pretty much rewrite the whole paper because it did not have a controlling idea. I made use of this feedback by focusing on one main idea and rewriting my paper. This helped me come up with a better-finished product. The type of feedback I would like from my reader is honest feedback. I think the reader should point out the strengths as well as the weaknesses in order to help the writer better their paper....
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