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10 - -Disorganized criminals Doing Time-Prison time = break...

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Dean Search 11/4/10 Notes Prison subculture -Group that shares common values, norms, beliefs -Prison subculture has own inmate code -Process of taking on mores and customs of prison = prisonization Inmate code -“Us against them” mentality -“Do your own time” (do your own thing, worry about yourself) -Don’t exploit others -Stay tough, be a man -Don’t trust the c.o.s Source of prison subculture -Is prison subculture: -Brought in (imported model), or -Created because of hardship in prison (deprivation model)? Adapting to prison -John Irwin’s typology of 3 prison-adaptive modes: -Doing time -Jailing -Gleaning
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Unformatted text preview: -Disorganized criminals Doing Time-Prison time = break in outside career-Characterized by:-Avoidance-Involvement-Securing luxuries-Forming friendships-Do whats needed to get out ASAP Gleaning -Try to better themselves, find themselves -Characterized by:-Gleaning form every source-Participation in self-improvement Jailing-Seek power in prison-Characterized by:-Wheeling and dealing-Wields influence, power-History as state-raised youth Disorganized Criminals-Fringes of society -Mental impairments-Low levels of intelligence-Impossible for them to adapt to prison culture...
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