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Drunk attorney - His irresponsibility was unbelievable and...

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Dean Search 2. How can this (the fact that it's online OR the fact that it happened to begin with) impact the criminal justice process? This video can impact the criminal justice system in a negative way. It makes the court system come off as a joke because of the fact that the attorney arrived at court intoxicated. This also gives the public a false sense of what the criminal justice system is used for. Throughout the clip, the attorney showed various signs of being drunk and the judge was more worried about what had happened to him rather than the actual case. This undoubtedly might cause worrisome attitudes from people viewing this. It automatically gives them the wrong impression and makes the criminal justice system not look reliable. 3. What should happen to this attorney? I believe that this attorney should be fired from whatever law firm he is a part of. He embarrassed himself as well as his client. It is not fair that his client had to endure this misrepresentation and should be provided with a new lawyer as well as a new trial.
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Unformatted text preview: His irresponsibility was unbelievable and I am in awe that he could even possibly think to show up to court intoxicated. It is evident that this attorney has a problem and I believe he should seek help immediately because he put himself at risk of losing something he worked extremely hard to become. 4. What would you have done differently, if you were the attorney or if you were the judge? I would have done many things different if I were the attorney in this situation. His first mistake was actually showing up to court intoxicated. This was a completely dumb idea that proved to be the demise of him. He completely misrepresented his client and was unfair to him. If I were the judge, I would not have done much different. She was patient and asked many questions that lead to the attorney contradicting himself. Without her patience she might not have had as many reasons to put him in contempt of court....
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