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Dean Search Professor Robbins Psychology 14 December 2010 Personality Traits Is there any evidence that people have personality traits? The big five can suggests this: Extraversion- outgoing, risk-taking, adventurous, excitement seeking Agreeableness- trusting, friendly, compassionate Neuroticism- negative moods, anger, anxiety, or depression Conscientious- self-discipline, hard working Openness to experience- liking new ideas, intellectualism I believe that I pertain best to two of the big five traits.
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Unformatted text preview: Agreeableness and conscientious best describe my personality. I firmly believe that I am friendly, trusting, and compassionate towards others. I also possess conscientious traits such as self-discipline. I definitely found this out this year when playing soccer for Arcadia University. Everyday consisted of discipline as well as hard work. These two traits are ones that I hold closest to my heart because not everyone possesses them....
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