Frank Sinatra - 1950's his career began to fall again a...

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Dean Search Dr. Frabizio Survey of Jazz 26 October 2011 Frank Sinatra Every now and then a musician comes by who changes the way we look at music. Frank Sinatra, a singer who started his music career in the 1930's, introduced a new style of music in a difficult time. He went through many difficult times and conditions to help elevate the world of music and show business that stands today. Sinatra managed to begin his career right after the Great Depression. His mother was a major influence to him and would always save as much money as she could to make sure he had nice clothes and looked presentable. She even helped him get his first few singing jobs at local clubs and restaurants. He then joined a singing group called the Hoboken Four and landed his first contract in 1935 at the age of 20. This was a time when jazz music went from ragtime to a big band style. Sinatra teamed up with several other musicians throughout his career and created major hits in the polls. In the early
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Unformatted text preview: 1950's, his career began to fall again a little bit more. He was now in his mid 30's, and Despite not coming from a wealthy family, Frank Sinatra was able to make a name for himself by landing small gigs and singing for next to nothing. He always managed to put on a good show for his fans. He never let anything hold him back and always did it for the fans. It's hard to say exactly how different today's music would be if Frank Sinatra never made it big, but what is certain is that it would definitely not be the same. Even though there were many other famous jazz artists, without Sinatra, it may not have had the explosive impact that it did have. Artists who idolized Frank Sinatra or jazz music in general never would have begun a music career of their own. Even though you may not enjoy his music, without him, the music you do listen to may never have existed....
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Frank Sinatra - 1950's his career began to fall again a...

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