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Dean Search Professor Robbins Psychology 24 October 2010 Instrumental Conditioning Instrumental conditioning is a method of learning through rewards and punishments based on behavior. An association is often times made between a behavior and a consequence for that behavior. For example, when your parents bribe you with money so you clean your room. This is considered an example of positive reinforcement because you now associate cleaning your room with making money. The other types of instrumental conditioning are negative reinforcement and positive and negative
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Unformatted text preview: punishment. I can relate instrumental conditioning to my early childhood because my parents used this idea in order to get me to do what they wanted. This is similar in every household in America. Growing up on a farm my parents would use positive reinforcement so I would do chores around the house and help out on the farm. From experience this was successful because both of us received what we wanted. My parents got me to do work and I got a reward for the work I did. In the end we were both satisfied....
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