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Dean Search Professor Harris Managerial Accounting 26 November 2011 Kim McMillan, the mayor of Clarksville, Tennessee released details on March 18 th regarding an open budgeting process that would aid the public in further understanding what is considered when building a budget. The mayor along with the finance staff of the city had budget hearings for city departments and city-funded entities starting on April 11 th at the City Council Chambers. All of the meetings and hearings that regarded the budget for the 2011-2012 year were open to the public. This allowed the public to gain knowledge and learn specifics about department needs, proposed spending, as well as proposed savings. The public was later could ask questions and express their feeling towards the budget plans. The meetings were also digitally recorded and uploaded onto the city’s website. This commodity was offered to the certain people who were unable to attend the hearing. Ben Griffin, the Commissioner of Finance, along with his staff and the Mayor’s Office kindly constructed a document named “Citizen’s Guide to the Budget.” This document helped the public learn about the budgeting process. It clarified how government budgeting works, as well as provided an outline of the process and timeline for completing a budget on time. Anyone trying to understand the budgeting process
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Kim McMillan - Dean Search Professor Harris Managerial...

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