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Dean Search Professor Van Horne Crime and Punishment 16 November 2010 Book Review John Hubner’s novel Last Chance in Texas: The Redemption of Criminal Youth brings the attention of the audience to what state schools for violent offenders who seek rehabilitation is all about. It discusses the issue of what many politicians and the public debate about in today’s society. The issue of whether violent offenders should be incarcerated without rehabilitation. In this particular novel they show the lifestyle of Giddings, a rehabilitation center for violent offenders. The purpose is to make the offenders suffer the effects of being in jail but at the same time, work to rehabilitate and put them back into society with the right state of mind. When Hubner mentions the stories of different individuals within the complex, it is noticeable that even though each person has their own story, they are all strikingly similar. The similarity is that they all suffered from abuse during one point or another in their life. Hubner focuses specifically on one story in particular. He talked about a boy named Ronnie who had a cocaine- addicted mother who barely paid any attention to him. Ronnie often times was left with his aunt Marianne who was known for her temper. One day Ronnie and his cousin were playing in Marianne’s flowerbed, when all of a sudden, Ronnie saw a side of his aunt that he
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had never seen before. She proceeded to pick up a rope and whip him with it as he screamed in pain and agony. “Shut up, goddam you, shut up! The neighbors will hear you, you little shit” (Hubner, 2005, p. 37). This proved to be a very traumatic experience for Ronnie. The abuse continued from his aunt and consequently led to his demise later
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last chance in texas - Dean Search Professor Van Horne...

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