Louie Armstrong - During their tenure together they made...

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Dean Search Dr. Frabizio Survey of Jazz 19 September 2011 Louis Armstrong One of the most prominent and influential American jazz musicians in the early twentieth century was Louie Armstrong. He possessed the musical talent as well as the passion and determination that no one could mimic. His love for music and unique voice brought Jazz lovers from around the world to come watch his performances on a regular basis. Before Louie entered the Jazz world, Jazz focused more on a collaborative effort, where many singers would play music on the stage “together.” Louie brought a distinctive voice to the stage and shifted the focus to solo performances. He performed for various crowds that thoroughly enjoyed his trumpet skills and pleasurable voice. In 1947, Louie’s manager created a six piece small group featuring Louie and trombonist Jack Teagarden, Earl Hines, and other top musicians. They were known as Louis Armstrong and his All Stars.
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Unformatted text preview: During their tenure together they made many recordings and in 1949 Louie was the first Jazz musician to appear on the cover of Time Magazine. After the 1957 Little Rock Crisis (nine black students were denied entry into a high school), when the National Guard prevented nine black students from entering a high school, Armstrong canceled a tour to the Soviet Union, and said publicly, the way theyre treating my people in the South, the government can go to hell. Armstrong was extremely influential because of his involvement in the civil rights campaign. He showed the black population that he was willing to risk his popularity as a performer in order to get justice. This was exceptionally admirable because he had such a prosperous life for being an African American who grew up in the south and was willing to put that in jeopardy for the rights of others who were less fortunate....
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Louie Armstrong - During their tenure together they made...

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