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Mr. Aycox - harder to the point where most could not even...

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Dean Search Professor Reedy Play Fair! Share! Don’t Run! 9/27/10 Walking into Taylor hall, I pondered the possibilities of the day’s class. I was aware that we were going to be playing games and talking with the infamous Mr. Aycox. Little did I know that we would be playing games that would be such fun and provide so much entertainment to a group of young men and women. It was a special experience for me because it reminded me of being a kid again. It made me realize how much I miss being young. Not having to worry about anything and having very little responsibility, if any at all. Mr. Aycox was a unique individual who presented us with different ways of thinking and helped us reminisce our early childhood. Right off the bat he told us that he did not just want to lecture us the whole class but instead wanted to play games. The first game we played was similar to Simon says. He explained to us that we would have to follow his hands and mimic his motions. It would start out easy and progressively get
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Unformatted text preview: harder, to the point where most could not even keep up. Even though I failed miserably at the game, I still enjoyed myself and had a few laughs at the fact that I kept messing up. If I were to play this game when I was younger I might have gotten frustrated with myself. Mr. Aycox mentioned that it is important to focus on having fun rather then being competitive, which is a major downfall in today’s society. People do not know how to have fun anymore. My favorite game of the day was the hombre, tiger and gun game. I liked this game because it involved very little strategy but at the same time had a team aspect to it and gave us a chance to be silly. Although my team lost the series, it was still enjoyable. I never experienced such an impactful guest speaker in my life. Most would stand in front of the class and lecture whereas Mr. Aycox took a different and much more effective route and made us play games to prove points and tendencies of human beings....
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