PLay Fair! Share! Don't Run! final paper

PLay Fair! Share! Don't Run! final paper - Dean Search...

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Dean Search Professor Reedy Play Fair! Share! Don’t Run! 7 December 2010 Play Fair! Share! Don’t Run Throughout my experience in my freshman seminar class I have gained many attributes that I now hold close to my heart. Compassion, open-mindedness, and the ability to laugh at myself to name a few, were characteristics I found a better meaning for while in this class. Whether I was tired, angry, or depressed, this class always managed to put a smile on my face. It acted as a stress reliever for me and let me keep my mind off of things such as sports and my other classes. I constantly looked forward to attending class every Tuesday and Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the individuals who were a part of the class. During our time at our community visits at Ardsley, Gutman, and Phoebe Wyncote I learned how to interact with children as well as the elderly. Ardsley and Gutman provided us with a group of children aged anywhere from two to four years old. I was able to mingle with the kids and learn how to talk, how to play, and how to understand their actions. For instance, I learned that children their age thrive for attention and are willing to due anything in order to get it. This was displayed in both childcare centers. The children would tug, pull and even hit you in order for you to play with them. However, the elderly home we visited, Phoebe Wyncote was the complete opposite. I remember walking into the building with nerves beyond belief. This was because talking to a child requires less social skills and requires more of an ability to play and interact,
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whereas working with the elderly involved both. This particular experience with the
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PLay Fair! Share! Don't Run! final paper - Dean Search...

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