Reflection on Ellis Island

Reflection on Ellis Island - Dean Search Professor Reedy...

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Dean Search Professor Reedy Play Far! Share! Don’t Run! 9 November 2010 Reflection on Ellis Island Looking at Ellis Island from Battery Park I still got the excited feeling of liberty. I love the sculpture of the huddled masses there in the park. When walking up to get in line for the ferry we encountered a unique individual who played an instrument and free styled lyrics of the top of his head. I found this to be very interesting because you do not get to see this in the small rural town I come from. Everyone was laughing and having a good time when walking by him. I believe this set the tone for the day to come and gave us a good start to the day. My feelings going through security are always the same. I always worry that I am going be the kid that gets the beep and needs to be checked. Whether it be at an airport or another security check, I always fret over it even though I should not have anything to worry about. Taking the ferry over to Ellis Island was an eye opening experience. Seeing all the different races and hearing all the different languages spoken on the ferry reiterated
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Reflection on Ellis Island - Dean Search Professor Reedy...

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