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Reflection-elderly home - I believe our initial awkwardness...

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Dean Search Professor Reedy Play Fair! Share! Don’t Run! 15 November 2010 Phoebe Wyncote When we first learned that we would be interacting with the elderly at Phoebe Wyncote, I was immediately nervous. I knew this was going to be a completely different experience then what we had at the two different daycare centers. We would need to prepare for them in a completely different way and ponder things to talk about with them. In order for the conversation to not be forced, we decided that we would just play it by ear rather then have prepared questions. Our objective was to figure out games the elderly played when they were little. Before walking into the room to meet the elderly, Jill and I were beyond nervous and were unsure of what to expect. I think I felt this way because talking to a child requires less social skills and requires more of an ability to play and interact whereas this involved both. We met a man named Sam.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe our initial awkwardness was due to the fact that we both did not know how to begin the conversation. We started by playing simple card games such as blackjack. This worked as a good icebreaker and started the conversation. We asked Sam about the games he played as a child. Although he struggled to remember what games he did play, he eventually told us what he did play. He enjoyed playing basketball and remembered playing hide and seek as a child. My favorite part about the day was at the very end of our thirty minutes with Sam when we were about to leave. We presented him with the cards we made and he instantly lit up with joy. It was probably the first time I saw him smile all day. This was particularly touching because he insisted that we were bored the whole time even though that was not the case. His smile honest and truly made my day and made me believe that we had a positive impact on his life....
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Reflection-elderly home - I believe our initial awkwardness...

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