REM Sleep - I can relate the sleep cycle to my love for sleep My weekdays usually consist of going to class practice eating and sleeping Whenever I

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Dean Search Professor Robbins Psychology 24 October 2010 Sleep Cycle REM sleep is the fifth and final stage in the sleep cycle. Before it are stages one, two, three, and four. Stage one is a lighter sleep where you can easily be woken up from and stage two is where the brain waves begin to slow down and you begin to fall into a deeper sleep. Stages three and four are a very deep sleep and extremely hard to wake people up from. The final stage of sleep is REM where dreams occur. About eighty percent of the time you can remember dreams that you had during the night. Muscular paralysis, sexual arousal as well as rapid eye movement also occur during REM sleep.
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Unformatted text preview: I can relate the sleep cycle to my love for sleep. My weekdays usually consist of going to class, practice, eating, and sleeping. Whenever I get a chance to take a nap I will. Even though it is said that you remember eighty percent of your dreams, it is difficult for me to remember anything that I dreamt about. When I was little I could remember certain dreams, but now that I am older it has become a rarity. REM sleep does decrease over your lifespan. Therefore it is possible that since most dreams occur during REM sleep that you have less time to dream and less of a chance to remember those dreams....
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