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Search.Dean.P1.20A Template

Search.Dean.P1.20A Template - X X X X X Manuf Overhead...

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Product Cost Period (Selling Name of the Cost Variable Cost Fixed Cost Direct Materials Direct Labor and Admin) Cost Sunk Cost X Building rent, $500 per month  X X Clay and glaze, $2 per pot  X X X X Advertising, $600 per month  X X Sales commission, $4 per pot  X X X X Legal and filing fees, $500  X X X Rent of sales office, $250 per month 
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Unformatted text preview: X X X X X Manuf. Overhead Oppor-tunity Cost Staci's current salary, $3,800 per month Wages of production workers, $8 per pot Rent of production equipment, $300 per month Phone for taking orders, $40 per month Interest lost on savings account, $1,200 per year...
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