what did i learn at daycare

what did i learn at daycare - the bench When Julia...

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Dean Search Professor Reedy Play Fair! Share! Don’t Run! 25 October 2010 Gutman Childcare Center When we arrived at Gutman Childcare Center in the greater Philadelphia area, I first noticed that the building was much smaller then Ardsley Daycare Center. When we went in and met the head lady of the Childcare Center she did not seem prepared for us. Then she took us in the room where the teachers seemed baffled to see us. Although this was extremely awkward for my group members and I, we went along with the teacher’s plans for the day since they were not prepared for us. Our original plans had been cancelled and we immediately started to help the children clean up so they could go outside. When we went outside, the kids all went and did their own thing. Some played by themselves while others played together. I noticed a little Asian girl all alone sitting on
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Unformatted text preview: the bench. When Julia attempted to talk and play with her, she did not respond. One of the teachers said, “she does not speak English” in a particularly snotty tone. I found this to be horrible and felt sorry for the girl because she was essentially ignored the whole time except for the few times we tried to talk to her. I learned that the people working at Childcare Centers are not always the best for the job. I believe this needs to be fixed especially because these kids are so young and do not deserve to be neglected. Finally I learned that parents are so eager to do their own thing that they often times forget about their children. This was evident because many of the kids were dirty and had runny noses. Even though they need to provide for their families and go to work, I believe it is wrong to send your kid to school sick....
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what did i learn at daycare - the bench When Julia...

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