WWI Impact on America

WWI Impact on America - d.i. Intercepted by the United...

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Dean Search Dr. Frabizio Survey of Jazz 27 October 2011 WWI Impact on America Allies = the three main countries were Russia, France, and Great Britain Central Powers = Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Turkish Ottoman Empire WWI started 1914 and ended in 1918 I. Events leading up to the US entrance into war a. In 1915 Germans sunk the Lusitania, killing almost 1200 people (128 American) b. British-controlled transatlantic cable was transmitting information designed to make us sympathize with their side and be outraged by German atrocities. c. Wilson was reelected as President of the United States in a very close vote c.i. Wilson was adamant that we were not going to war during his campaign c.ii. His opponent Charles Evans Hughes did not make his position clear on the war c.iii. The American people chose Wilson on the implied promise that we were NOT going to enter the war d. Zimmerman Note
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Unformatted text preview: d.i. Intercepted by the United States d.ii. The note was a message from Germany to Mexico saying that if the United States entered the war then they should attack the United States d.iii. In compensation for attacking the United States, Germany promised to take back the states Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico e. Germans were sinking American ships that were taking supplies to Great Britain II. Impact of WWI on America a. Caused the country to become intolerant of foreigners b. Anti Immigration laws were passed which in turn slowed immigration c. Highly productive industry that preceded the Great Depression d. Jobs were now being given to woman and this helped pass the nineteenth amendment (gave women the right to vote) e. Lost nearly 115,000 men f. Technology experienced a great boost after the war allowing for mass production of certain goods...
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WWI Impact on America - d.i. Intercepted by the United...

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