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english sequence 4

english sequence 4 - Zombek 1 Stephanie Zombek English...

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Zombek 1 Stephanie Zombek English 134-27 May 27, 2009 Leckie Bullying: One Click Away Cyberbullying. The National Education Association describes it as “being cruel to others by sending or posting harmful material online or through a cell phone, or by engaging in other cruel actions” (Williams). With the increased use of social networking sites, such as Myspace, Facebook, AIM, and other various Internet sites, online bullying is on the rise. People can now harass each other with hateful words, explicit photos, and burning comments, at the click of a button. With Hollywood gossip sites such as PerezHilton.com bashing celebrities and polluting reputations, what used to be seen as wrong or mean, is now becoming more socially acceptable. Not only is this problem in the adult world, but it heavily affects kids as young as elementary school age. Cyberbullying has gotten so bad that it has been addressed on a state level. This past September, California passed Assembly Bill 86, which is one of the first steps to combating cyberbullying so that the current generations, and future generations, will be safe. Cyberbullying is socially and emotionally damaging, and in order to stop the horrific consequences that surround it, this increasing problem must be addressed. One of the main reasons behind this new law, was because of the amounts of students who were a victim of cyberbullying, became depressed, isolated, or found ways to hurt themselves, often ending in death. In October 2006, 13 year old Megan Meier hung herself after being told on Myspace that the “world would be better off without [her]” (Jameson). Megan was
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Zombek 2 the target of intense harassment, and in the course of 2 hours, had rumors spread about her saying that she was fat, a slut, and that no one should befriend her (Jameson). The worst part about this, is that originally, the US Attorneys office stated that charges could not be filed against Lori Drew, who was involved in the prank, because “no statutes against harassment, stalking or child endangerment could be applied here. What happened to Megan was despicable…but for it to be considered criminal the state would have to prove that the hoax was intended to frighten or disturb Megan, not merely elicit information” (Jameson). Thankfully, Drew was indicted in May
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english sequence 4 - Zombek 1 Stephanie Zombek English...

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