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Zombek 1 Stephanie Zombek June 10, 2009 ENGL 134-27 Leckie I still think that MUN is FUN Seven hours. I spent seven long, grueling hours of researching, looking up background information on global warming. Seven hours frantically searching for China’s policy on the issue. Seven hours nervously typing away at the computer, always looking at the clock to see what time it was. I spent seven hours on my first position paper Freshman year in Model United Nations. I spent seven hours on something thinking it was just another assignment in just another class, only to discover that Model United Nations would have a lasting impression on the way I wrote. I never really understood what Model United Nations was when I first put it down for one of my classes. I didn’t even know how much work it was going to be until my first day of class. Model United Nations is a 4 year program that I was involved in, in high school. Our class would travel to various schools & universities to have mock United Nations (UN) debates. As a delegate in Model United Nations, one is assigned a UN committee which has specific topics. Then one is given a country, which one represents in that committee on the specific topics. Things one has to research includes having to research the background of the topic, research what the UN has already done with the topic and also research how one’s country feels/ what the
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2 county proposes on the issue. The main goal is to debate and collaborate with the other delegates in committee to try and come up with a written resolution, stating solutions to the topic. One of the major assignments I was required to do in MUN were “position papers”, which still impact the way I write today. A position paper consists of background on the topic, UN background on the topic, the delegate’s country’s policy on the issue, and possible solutions. I had to include all of my sources, and be very careful about what I wrote, because everything I put into the paper, needed to have evidence for it. I struggled a lot when I first started my position papers, because I was never that good of a researcher, let alone a formal writer. I had to learn how to incorporate sentences such as, “The Republic of Sierra Leone feels that a comprehensive test ban treaty (CTBT) would maintain stability by preventing innovations and developments which could potentially give one nuclear state a unilateral advantage”. (Uhhh say what?) I mean seriously, what the heck is a CTBT, and what does “unilateral advantage” do? My
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mun is fun revision - Zombek 1 Stephanie Zombek ENGL 134-27...

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