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sequence II 2 revision - Zombek 1 Stephanie Zombek English...

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Zombek 1 Stephanie Zombek June 10, 2009 English 134-27 Leckie Nick Rolph: Real World Designer As I sat on Nick Rolph’s bed, I carefully looked around the room. Computer placed carefully on the desk, sheets nicely placed and pillows stacked perfectly, artwork pinned on the bulletin board in a linear manner, books and food neatly organized in the shelf; alas the room of graphic designer, Nick Rolph. Across from his side was his roommate’s neck of the woods: pizza boxes stuffed in the trashcan, clothes lying on the floor, bottles of Sobe on the desk, and the bed was a mess. (I am shocked Nick can even live with someone with such untidy habits.) I had a feeling that the way Nick lives his life, so clean and organized, has an effect on the way he does his artwork. Before I wanted to know a lot about Nick’s artwork specifically, I really wanted to know where this artist had sprouted from. Nick explained to me that he “grew up having [his] dad work for a design firm until [he] was 4 and then [his dad] started his own [design company]”. He told me that he was always into the “art scene” whether it be shadowing his dad’s designers, or drawing pictures for others. His dad owns an advertising and design firm called, MJR Media, which his dad has owned for the past 15 years. Nick told me that his dad “is more of a business man, but creative thinking, problem solving in order to develop creative solutions-that’s what he also does”. Nick told me that working with people within MJR Media, “[he] learned the things
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sequence II 2 revision - Zombek 1 Stephanie Zombek English...

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