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ENG 251, Section 5 Midterm Essay November 3, 2011 The Loyal Remain Loyal Throughout The Odyssey, themes of xenia, kleos, and nostos continue to be shown through the actions of the characters. One particular scene that strongly shows all of these is one that is between Eumaeus and Odysseus in chapter 14. Odysseus is disguised as an old man, but Eumaeus still treats him as if he were a royal guest coming onto his property. When Odysseus first approaches the farm, he is almost torn apart by dogs. Now, most of the the time when people protect their property and have dogs go after intruders, one would just assume that that person trespassing should not be on my property and deserves what’s coming. However, Eumaeus does just the opposite by “dash[ing] for the gate, flinging his oxide down, rush[ing] the dogs with curses, scatter[ing] them left and right with flying rocks” and protecting his guest from “a shameful mauling” (Fagles, 14:37-39, 36). Even though Odysseus appears to be an old man that may be nothing but trouble, Eumaeus still upholds the values of Xenia by treating his guest well. Eumaeus doesn’t hesitate to ask Odysseus into his home to let him “eat [his] fill of bread and wine” before telling him where he is from and “all the pains [he has] wandered” (Fagles, 14: 51- 53). It is suprising how for some, like Eumaeus, it is almost second nature to ask a stranger into his home, and uphold Greek traditions and values. It shows how pure his character is, just by the
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szombek_midterm english essay - Stephanie Zombek ENG 251...

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