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Methodology Samples Detailed Comments

Methodology Samples Detailed Comments - Example 1 Note the...

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Example 1 Note: the paragraphs are numbered in the sample and here, for clarity General Notes about this methodology: very detailed, very specific 2.4 Research Gap A good methodology starts with a focused gap and RQ/hypothesis. In this one she states: Focused gap, RQ and hypotheses Measurements of the dependent and independent variables she will use 3. Methodology Method and Description: Method and sub-method are clearly stated, with justification (paragraph 1) Explains what the researcher will do when collecting the data (2) Instrument: Explains the questionnaire sections thoroughly (3) Sampling: Identified the target group and why they are chosen (poor, receivers of microcredit) (5,6) Where will the sample be drawn from? And why? (5,6) Characteristics of sample (3,4) Sample details: Explains sample size, what the sample is (with full details). (3-6) Sampling technique: Identified technique and justified its choice (Quan, surveys and structured interviews, with full justification)
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