Cardiovascular Disease - the type of heart disease a person...

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Running head: CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE 1 Cardiovascular Disease Nicole A. Suddeth HCA/240 11/11/11 Axia College of University of Phoenix
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CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE 2 Cardiovascular Disease There are three causes of heart disease that cannot be changed and that would be age. The older a person gets the more at risk they are for getting heart disease. Another one would being a man in early life, because you cannot change that you are a man. Then the last one would be family history of heart disease, because you cannot change who is in your family. Then there are risk factors that can be changed. Smoking would be one of those that could be changed; by quitting you lower your chances of having a heart disease. Also you have to keep your cholesterol low, keep blood pressure controlled, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy weight. Some symptoms of heart disease are having trouble breathing, swelling in your legs, ankles, or abdomen, high blood pressure, chest pain, fatigue. The symptoms very depending on
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Unformatted text preview: the type of heart disease a person may have. When it comes to prevention a person has to make some life style changes like I mentioned before. They have to quit smoking, exercise, keep blood pressure controlled, maintain a healthy weight, and keep cholesterol low. By doing these things one will lower their chances of getting a heart disease. If a person has a heart disease they will have to manage it to keep it under control. To do that first they will have to do those same life style changes, also keep up on their medications that their doctor prescribes for them. If a person has a heart disease they have to manage their health a lot better so that it does not become out of control, because if not it could kill them. There are people who think they do not need the medication, then they end up either really sick because of it or it kills them. Or they just do not watch their weight, or their diet and that can be just as bad as not taking the medication....
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Cardiovascular Disease - the type of heart disease a person...

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