Patient Intake Process

Patient Intake Process - Running head: PATIENT INTAKE...

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Running head: PATIENT INTAKE PROCESS 1 Patient Intake Process Nicole A. Suddeth HCR/220 11/13/11 Axia College of University of Phoenix
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PATIENT INTAKE PROCESS 2 Patient Intake Process One strategy that I have found that I feel would improve patient intake efficiency is this program called PatientPad from a company called Digital Assent. With this program doctor office, hospitals, and clinics would use this instead of clipboards with forms to fill out. It would be at the check-in counter and instead of filling out the forms, there is a touch screen. Also patients could register online before their appointment or just use the PatientPad to check in. They can also verify insurance eligibility, and sign any forms or consents right from there. With these healthcare providers can get more information about the patient faster than someone sitting in the waiting room filling out a ton of forms. The information will be more accurate, faster, lower cost to the healthcare provider. I think with a tool like this and making patient visit go faster and smoother, people will want to come to that practice rather to one that will take forever
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Patient Intake Process - Running head: PATIENT INTAKE...

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