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The movie Eagle Eye is about a computer that controls the way we live in our society, it could see the smallest crime all the way to recognizing any terroristic acts. The computer has the power to control everything from satellite all the way down to the network. The United States military uses this super computer to capture the most dangerous terrorist out there as well. Another thing that the super computer does it could access your personal information from your background, bank statement, credit history and etc. The way this movie relates to society is that you may think that’s only in movies, but in reality it’s happening in the real world because the government taps our phones, Internet, low jack and any other source devices. Ever since 9/11 the world has changed dramatically. The threat level has gone up and security has gotten tougher with everything. An example could be when the Patriot Act was enforced after 9/11, its where the president gives the government the right access
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