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Challenges of a Paper The three challenges that might arise when you are writing a paper are research, editing, and grammar. The first challenge it would be the research, gathering all my information needed and trying to put order to my paper. I believe that organization is the key here. Trying to put my thoughts and ideas in order for the reader to understand is pretty much hard. I have no problems gathering information; it’s putting it in order. The second challenge is my editing. Editing my own work has been a problem in the past. I can’t seem to correct my own work. I catch many mistakes but I can’t catch them all. I have found that I know what I want to say and when I write it down its not what I intended. The third challenge would be my grammar. English has never been my best subject, I have difficulty with the correct use of punctuation, and I have learned many different things in the last class that I did not remember from school, but I have a better understanding now; however there still room for improvement and I am very eager to
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Unformatted text preview: learn more. The strategies that I will use to help me overcome the challenges above are making sure that I am well organized, and give myself plenty of time to complete the task. Plus I will have a note pad with me to write down ideas, when they come to me. I will do as much research as I can, and gather all the facts and make sure they are facts and not someone else’s opinion. Then I need to write a rough draft. Asking questions like what do I want my readers to get out of this and what type of paper that I need to. I will then rewrite the draft again put in all the corrections. I then will leave it for a day or so and then come back to it. This helps me clear my thoughts and begin again. I find more mistakes with my punctuation and grammar this time around. I would then submit it to the Center for writing Excellence and make any corrections that I think that needs to be made. Last but not least I will write my final draft and submit it to my professor for grading....
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