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notes 13 - BPM issues Cross Functional Processes Business...

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05:00 Business Process Management (BPM) The systematic process of creating, assessing, and altering business processes 4 Stages: 1 st : Create a model of the business process; usually build an  as is model  that  documents the current situation, & then make changes to solve process problems 2 nd : Create system components (have 5 elements of every IS) 3 rd : Implement the business processes needed 4 th : Assess results Scope of Business Process Management Functional Processes Business process resides w/i a single business function (HR, accounting) Problem: work independently of one another-- isolated BPM authority belongs to a single departmental manager who has authority to resolve 
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Unformatted text preview: BPM issues Cross- Functional Processes Business process crosses into multiple departments w/i a single company (customer relationship management, etc) BPM authority shared across several or many departments; problem resolution via committee and policy; is more difficult bc no manager has authority over all activities Interorganizational Processes Business process crosses into multiple companies (ex: supply chain mngmnt) BPM authority shared by multiple companies. Problem resolution via negotiation & contract 05:00 05:00...
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