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MIS HW 2 Part 1 - enclosure and perform medical test Notify...

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Acquisition is approved at an animal management Meeting Tianle Hu Homework 2 eID TH8254 MIS 302F 2:00-3:30 The registrar finalizes shipment details with the sending institution while the vet prepares a quarantine enclosure Operations staff schedules staff and vehicle for pickup Animal is picked up Vets perform the necessary medical test (A) The animal is identified with a market, like a tag, or transponder Accept ed from the USF& W Registrar determine s the drop- off date Vet Prepares a quarantine
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Unformatted text preview: enclosure and perform medical test Notify the F&W of any health Problems Vet Prepares a quarantine enclosure and perform medical test Released into park Animal is captured Animal management team determines if animal can and/or should be accepted into the collection Vet Prepares a quarantine enclosure and perform medical test Yes Accepte d? No Animal is kept in a non-collection enclosure A receiving institution is identified Transfer arrangements are made and complete...
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