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F10-Exam 2-Study Guide

F10-Exam 2-Study Guide - MIS302FFall2010 Exam2StudyGuide...

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MIS 302F Fall 2010 Exam 2 Study Guide  The Study Guide summarizes the key topics that may be included on Exam 2. For each class, review the assigned readings, PowerPoint slides, and your class notes. The Guides and Ethics Guides in the textbook will not be included on the exam, unless specific mentioned below. The Case Studies and Articles are identified in the class in which they were discussed, but the related concepts may be used anywhere on the exam. Class 9: Scope Definition Reading: none Terms and Concepts: Scope System Definition Context Diagram External Interaction Users Data Subjects Functionality Definitions Scope Creep Project Estimation Questions to Consider: Why is the scope of an IS project so important to define? How is the scope definition used in the project? What happens to an IS project if the scope boundaries aren’t followed? Case Studies/Articles/Companies: Bloomberg: Netfilx: Premium Cable’s Worst Nightmare http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/10_39/b4196021822248.ht m Kroenke: Requirements Creep at the IRS (Chapter 1, pp. 20-21) Class 10: All classes were cancelled on September 28, 2010 MIS 302F Fall 2010 Page 1 of 4 Exam 2 Study Guide
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Class 11: Outsourcing Reading: Chapter Extension 20 Terms and Concepts:
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F10-Exam 2-Study Guide - MIS302FFall2010 Exam2StudyGuide...

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