notes 8 - Ex set up ‘att wireless’ free network right...

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04:57 #1: hackers; #2: (70%) Employees of that company (scary), #3:Application  vulnerabilities Global Threat, Local Pain Zero- day exploits Security Training Security Breaches Future Attacks Security Threats Security Training Only 70% of companies are monitoring their employees to make sure they’re not  using/abusing your data for mal intent Methods of Security Breaches Phishing i.e. junk email “collect your unclaimed money!!” (trying to ’hook’ usernames that click on  the link) Spoofing Receive personal email from obama, mark zuckerberg, etc Makes it look like it came from someone else ( Honeypots Some people set up free networks to record everything you do
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Unformatted text preview: Ex: set up ‘att wireless’ free network right outside of the actual ‘att wireless’ network so you connect to it & then they record everything Sniffing When you have a home computer connected to an access point, sniffing records it Anyone who is within range can record it; most websites you go to that are encrypted only ‘encrypt’ your password When you go to log in, “https”, means secure; once you leave that page and send email, whatever, is “http” means anyone can record what you're doing Cant sniff unless its wireless; use an Ethernet cable when banking or sending sensitive information over the web Hacking 04:57 04:57...
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notes 8 - Ex set up ‘att wireless’ free network right...

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