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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA This culture stresses individual initiative and achievement. Moreover, Americans can also be competitive in both work and leisure. The concept "time is money" is taken seriously in U.S. business culture. Businesspeople are used to making up their minds quickly and decisively. They value information that is straightforward and to the point. In the U.S.A., money is a key priority and an issue that will be used to win most arguments. Status, protocol, and national honor play a smaller role. Similarly, "saving face" and other social niceties and formalities that are vitally important to other cultures are not as important in the United States. American businesspeople are opportunistic and willing to take chances. Opportunism and risk taking often result in Americans going for the biggest possible slice of the business, 100% if possible. Americans tend to dislike periods of silence during negotiations and in conversations, in general. They may continue to speak simply to avoid silence. In general, people from the U.S.
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