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Doing Business in the USA - Doing Business in the United...

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Doing Business in the USA © Communicaid Group Ltd. 2009 Doing Business in the United States of America | US Social and Business Culture A US Culture Overview Fact file o Official name – United States of America o Population – 307,212,123 * o Languages – English, Spanish (spoken by a sizable minority) o Currency – US Dollar (USD) o Capital city –Washington, DC o GDP – purchasing power parity $14.29 trillion* o GDP Per Capita - purchasing power parity $47,000* Overview The United States, a nation founded on the fundamental belief in equality, is today a multicultural mosaic of over 290 million people of varying race and cultural heritage. American culture portrays a strong sense of regional and ethnic identity, which is represented by a number of subcultures and influenced by the country’s vast geographical and regional differences. America’s influence on business culture across the globe is unmistakable. However, understanding the cultural concepts behind the surface appearance is just as important for your company when doing business in the US as in any other country. American Culture – Key Concepts and Values Individualism- The concept of individualism in the US plays a significant role in the lives of many Americans. American culture emphasises individual initiative and personal achievement. Independence and self-reliance are highly valued and also extends to the workplace where business is frequently carried out autonomously. Consequently, one’s position in US society is determined by one’s own achievements as oppose to status or age. Low context culture – Generally speaking, those cultures described as low context tend to communicate meaning and information explicitly through words. Americans are task centred and thus the primary purpose of communication is to exchange information, facts, and opinions. In the US, conflict is dealt with directly and openly, and for this reason, Americans will not hesitate to say “no” or criticise others in public. This direct style of speech is often interpreted by foreign visitors as rude and may cause embarrassment to business people who are unaccustomed to such explicit communication. However, it is important to remember that in a business context it bears no relation to personal feelings and should not be taken as such.
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Doing Business in the USA © Communicaid Group Ltd. 2009 Egalitarianism – An important element of American culture is the concept of equality. Despite the many differences within American society, there is a collective understanding of the notion of equality that underlines many social relationships in the US. Americans believe in having equal rights, equal social obligations, and equal opportunities based on the concept of individual merit. Consequently, there is a general lack of deference in the US to people of greater wealth, age,
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Doing Business in the USA - Doing Business in the United...

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