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NEGOTIATION OF AMERICAN CULTURE USA is the 3rd largest country in the world with the population is 308 million. The United States is a diverse society in the world. Although the majority of Americans is considered to originate from Europe, but the ethnic minorities such as America (the Indians), African American, Hispanic, and Asian people are also a large number. Currently, each year over a million foreigners to immigrate to the United States to live and do business, and predicted to 2050 European American made up only 50%. Communities living in the United States all have their own identity, including language, religion, beliefs, and customs. Therefore, it is very difficult to accurately generalize the culture in general and business culture in this country . Understanding culture in general and business culture in particular would benefit foreign companies in business relations with customers in that country. This essay summarizes some definitions and guidance on basic business culture in the United States to help you - future businessmen establish business relations with customers in United States, communicating and maintaining business relationships more effectively with customers in this country. C HAPTER 1: O VERVIEW OF THE PEOPLE AND CULTURE OF THE U.S. NEGOTIATING I. AMERICAN STYLE: According to statistics, the percentage of American who succeeds in most of areas and becomes to be rich accounts for high number over the world. So, what has made
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America so successful? The following characteristics are the factors that help Americans succeed. 1. Personal enhancement A group of American teachers are invited to attend National Day celebrations in Taipei. Each person is given a badge to wear. Unlike the Chinese who wear the badges on their lapel, the Americans wear it on somewhere else, some still remain in their pocket. They don’t mean to despise the country or intentionally insult to this country, but they they want to express individuality and against the views "all people are alike." Each Americans have the idea:"Be yourself" that is very important. They found that there’s no reason that compels them to change their behavior to conform to the majority. Americans think that “If you want something done well, you have to do it by yourself" or "In the long run, the only person you can trust in is yourself." 2. Prefering independence When being a little child, Americans have appreciated the independence. They are taught that, only his own efforts can build a foothold for themselves, because no one cares about him at all. American fathers or mothers are all trying to create for your children to take responsibility for themselves. A U.S mother rarely require her 2-year-old have to eat what for breakfast or help a 3-year-old get dressed. They often encourage their children to express opinions, force them to choose and do things. At the age of 20, most of them already have their own homes, and don’t live with their parents anymore. In the houses in Asia, people can go into any rooms they want, but in American houses,
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