hum lec21 - February 27th 2008 Humanities week 8 lecture 2...

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February 27 th , 2008 Humanities week 8 lecture 2 Athenian Slavery I. Odysseus and His Slaves a. Eumaeus and Philoetius i. The first person Odysseus meets is his household slave ii. Philoetius also expresses sadness for his master, because he loves his master telemachus iii. Both slaves fight by Odysseus’ side even though he isn’t likely to win iv. A deep loyalty by the slaves for Odysseus b. The Neglect of Laertes i. Odysseus pretends to see his dad as a slave ii. If you’re a good slave, the master should treat you well iii. The master has obligations to the slave if the slave has been good iv. “reciprocity” v. Loyalty of slave is compensated through food and shelter from the master c. Deterrence of Disloyalty i. Homer’s depiction of slave and master is an idealized portrait ii. Homer also describes the brutal punishment of disloyalty of slaves d. Psychological Bonds i. Savage punishments are just as much reason to stay than to run away ii. Odysseus explains his “lie” and claims that he’s just escaped from slavers. 1. he’s not worried about putting dangerous thoughts in his slave’s head 2. there is some mechanism of enslavement that isn’t from chains and punishment 3. within this lie, Odysseus presents himself as a free man but
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hum lec21 - February 27th 2008 Humanities week 8 lecture 2...

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