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University of Washington Course Syllabus, Winter 2011 Instructor Course Administrator name: Marty Stepp Pim Lustig email: [email protected] office: CSE 636 CSE 126 office phone: (206) 685-2181 (206) 616-3225 office hours: see course web site Pim handles all issues of registration and switching sections. Course Overview This course is a continuation of CSE 142. While CSE 142 focused on control issues (loops, conditionals, methods, pa- rameter passing, etc), CSE 143 focuses on data issues. Topics include: abstract data types (ADTs), lists, stacks, queues, linked lists, binary trees, recursion, interfaces, inheritance, and encapsulation. The course also introduces the notion of complexity and performance trade-offs in examining classic algorithms such as sorting and searching and classic data structures such as lists, sets, and maps. The course will include a mixture of data structure implementation and using components from the Java Collections Framework. The prerequisite is CSE 142 or equivalent. Lecture Time MWF 3:30 PM - 4:20 PM, KANE 120 Discussion Sections You will be expected to participate in two weekly 50-minute discussion sections, held on various times and places on Tuesdays and Thursdays (see the course web site for details). The TA who runs your section will grade your homework assignments. In section we answer questions, go over common errors in homework solutions, and discuss sample prob- lems in more detail than we can in lecture. Short " pre-section problems " will be assigned on the course web site that will be due in section, worth a small number of points. You must attend section to turn these in by hand; they can not be made up, turned in late, or submitted online. You will need to submit at least half of these problems (one of the two problem sets each week) to receive full credit. Course Web Site All resources from class will be posted here. Check the web site daily for any important course-related announcements. Textbook
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syllabus - University of Washington Computer Science &...

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