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ans asgmnet 2 (2) - pow?r P = 9 x L&.X tf S=q,Bt tnls O...

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J OqeE{rbn 2 -----,- i) Per = Pgh = rooo Vgl^t x g"sl rn /s. x t00 rv1 Per V*exgx H loog &,urt* : VXtoOO l.g/n3 x 1.gl rn/s.lrt00 rn V: lolg,3? r.n3 qr€e _ tot q .3T t,) / uonn , = tot.931*. = , -: :., o 'o )F olcre j, ThiS hy/ro is recrsonqbte ,6ewuse of i+ on\y rrse snnql\ o4e *o groc,luce \ooo ft1^.n,. ii ) Es*rmq*ed '{\eora*icql
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Unformatted text preview: pow?r, P = 9 x L& @.X tf S=q,Bt tnls- O-- tCloo'/o) a'6rol tt=toorn = o.bj n lg P=9,Elxtxo.65Xloo = 631-bg Kw+ iii ) Pcrf ?5u lo : roao.4\w tt I o,+5 r l?33,33 /nw \ 333.33 /bwrt = V xP *gxh v -* tbnv,) 16.w$ I qgroo o = t?59.fbm? qf€4 : t3E1 .tb /to = r 35. 9l,b m-> o.o3t+ ocY€ g .lqFF+...
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