History of Collective bargaining agreement

History of Collective bargaining agreement - History of...

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History of Collective bargaining agreement The National Basketball Players Association was formed in 1954, when Celtics guard Bob Cousy began to organize the players in an effort to implement a minimum salary and give players health and retirement benefits in addition to gaining better overall working conditions. The league's owners didn't acknowledge the union as a bargaining organization until 1957, when many minimum work standards were finally agreed upon. The union gained strength at the 1964 All-Star Game, when the players threatened a walkout if their demands for a pension plan were not met. Minutes before the game, NBA President Walter Kennedy guaranteed that the owners would adopt a pension plan at their next meeting. Three years later, the players threatened a strike in the playoffs, before the owners agreed to their demands, which included an 82-game limit on the regular season, medical and insurance benefits, increased minimum salaries, and the elimination of exhibition games immediately before the All-Star Game. The formation of the rival ABA led to more conflict between players and owners. A lawsuit led by NBPA President Oscar Robertson sought to introduce free agency by ending the "option clause" that bound players to teams in perpetuity. Eventually the lawsuit was dismissed when the union and owners agreed to a new CBA that ended the option clause. In 1983, the league and the union came to an historic collective bargaining agreement that implemented a leaguewide salary cap, guaranteeing players between 53 and 57 percent of the
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History of Collective bargaining agreement - History of...

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