Strategic Forecast and Staffing Formulation

Strategic Forecast and Staffing Formulation -...

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SSSSSSSsssssssjloeij Situation Analysis: 1. Corporate Philosophy – Bosch has a corporate philosophy that stretches from Germany to more than 140 countries throughout the globe. The reason for their great success globally is credited to their spirit of independence, community service principle of entrepreneurial freedom and strong commitment to social services spread around the world. Bosch is a leader of many industries that uses an exceptional management system that has a unique ownership structure. There is one characteristic that really stands out for Bosch which is their intent to remain completely separated when it comes to shareholders wealth and the way management conducts and executes business. Founder Robert Bosch once stated that “I would rather lose money than trust.” The integrity of my promises, the belief in the value of my products and of my word of honor have always had a higher priority to me than a transitory profit.” By using such a structure Bosch’s management team has been able to achieve long term perspectives when it comes to managing while escaping the outside demands and pressures for short term profits. Bosch’s slogan “Invented for Life” has two meanings. The first expresses the core expertise (quality, reliability, innovation) of the Bosch brand and the second emphasizes that Bosch technologies improve the quality of life, and thus make a valuable contribution to people, society and environmental sustainability . 2.
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Strategic Forecast and Staffing Formulation -...

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