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MEMORANDUM To: Hope Williams, Commissioner From: Tasha Smith, NBPA President Date: November 13, 2011 Subject: A proposal to reject or accept the latest proposal from NBA owners. Purpose I am writing to propose a solution to the currently rejected collective bargaining agreement (CBA) offered by the NBA to the NBPA. The problem is that the players feel that the terms of the agreement are worse than previously offered proposals. I recommend that the owners revise their latest proposal offer to the players. I hope that you will approve this proposal and get the revised CBA before the contract deadline date. A revised CBA will ensure that there will be a NBA basketball season that starts on December 15. The problem with the CBA being offered There are currently two major issues standing in the way of an amicable agreement being reached by both sides along with other minor issues that aren’t the cause for the deal breaker.
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Unformatted text preview: The first issue has to deal with the salary cap system and the other issue deals with the basketball related income (BRI). A solution to the problems The players are willing to accept a soft salary cap as opposed to a hard salary cap. They are willing to accept a 50/50 split of BRI as opposed to a 47/53 BRI with them receiving 47% as long as other concessions are met. They are also willing to come to an agreement on other issues that are stalling the negotiations coming to an end. Conclusion It would greatly benefit both the league and the players if a revised CBA was made regarding the players request. Once the revised agreement is made in favor of the players I am sure that there will be a very successful NBA basketball season for 2011 -2012....
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