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Give Me Liberty! Sources of Freedom History Center Sources of Freedom: The Memoirs of Ann Carson (1828) In this excerpt from the memoirs of Ann Carson, she described leaving her husband because he did not see her as his equal. She also wrote about her efforts to go into business for herself. As you read this account, consider the role of the ideals of the revolutionary period in her actions. How might a struggle that resulted in few formal changes in the status of women nonetheless have produced a cultural change in the minds of American women? In June [I801] Captain Carson and myself were married by the command of my father, who was lying very ill. I then wanted two months of being sixteen years of age. Oh Mary, how cruel, how weak in parents thus to almost force, or compel a girl, scarce past the days of happy childhood, to enter into a state that forever afterwards stamps her future fate with happiness or miseries extreme. I did not love Captain Carson, to that passion I was a perfect stranger. It is true, my girlish vanity was flattered by his dashing appearance, elegant figure, and handsome face; nay my pride was gratified by being the bride of a United State 's officer, and my sense of right satisfied by my obedience to my parents in becoming his wife. .. I had married Captain Carson without loving him. The flame his kindness kindled in my heart one day, his stormy temper extinguished the next; accustomed to the kindest treatment in his absence, from all my family and friends, and experiencing only the extreme of misery when with him, at my own house, both became alike hateful to me: for can human nature love a being that tantalizes, teazes, and even domineers over her-
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Ann_Carson_1828 - Give Me Liberty! Sources of Freedom...

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