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English_Liberties_1721 - Give Me Liberty Sources of Freedom...

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Give Me Liberty! Sources of Freedom History Center Sources of Freedom: English Liberties (1721) This excerpt from a book by John Ponet lauds the liberties afforded to English citizens. The achievements of the English Civil War and the subsequent Glorious Revolution were a source of national pride for ordinary English men and women, who identified with the traditional liberties that had been won over the centuries from England's monarch and institutional church. The Constitution of our English Government (the best in the World) is no Arbitrary Tyranny like the Turkish Grand Seignior's, or the French Kings, whose Wills (or rather Lusts) dispose of the Lives and Fortunes of their unhappy Subjects; Nor an Oligarchy where the great men (like Fish in the Ocean) prey upon, and live by devouring the lesser at their pleasure. Nor yet a Democracy or popular State, much less an Anarchy, where all confusedly are hail fellows well met, but a most excellently mixt or qualified Monarchy, where the King is vested with large Prerogatives sufficient to support Majesty; and
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