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Give Me Liberty! Sources of Freedom History Center Sources of Freedom: John Rolfe Recounts the Arrival of Slaves in Virginia (1619) An account by John Rolfe of the Jamestown colony's first exposure to slaves from Africa via Dutch traders. Arber, Edward, ed. Travels and Works of Captain John Smith: President of Virginia, and Admiral of New England, 1580-1631, Edinburgh: John Grant, 1910, volume 2, pages 540-543. The government surrendred to Sir George Yearley. For to begin with the yeere of our Lord, 1619. there arrived a little Pinnace privatly from England about Easter [Easter Sunday O. S. was 28 Mar. in 1619 ] for Captaine Argall who taking order for his affaires, within foure or five daies returned in her, and left for his Deputy, Captaine Nathaniel Powell. On the eighteenth of Aprill, which was but ten or twelve daies after, arrived Sir George Yearley, by whom we understood Sir Edwin Sand[y]s was chosen Treasurer, and Master J ohn Farrar his Deputy; and what great supplies was a preparing to be sent us, which did ravish us so much with joy and content, we thought our selves now fully satisfied for our long toile and labours, and as happy men as any in the world. Notwithstanding, such an accident hapned Captaine Stallings, [that] the next day his ship was cast away, and he not long after slaine in a private quarrell. Sir George Yearly to beginne his government, added to be of his councell, Captaine Francis West, Captaine Nathaniel Powell, Master John Pory, Master John Rolfe, and Master William Wick[h]am, and Master Samuel Macocke, and propounded to have a generall assembly with all expedition. Upon the twelfth of this Moneth [April 1619], came in a Pinnace of Captaine Bargraves ; and on the seventeenth [April 1619] Captaine Lownes, and one Master Evans, who intended to plant themselues at Waraskoyack : but now Ophechanhanough
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Rolfe_on_Tobacco_and_Slavery_in_1619 - Give Me Liberty!...

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