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Paper 1 Prompt: Due October 3, 11:59 pm Please note that I have changed the phrasing of the paper assignment slightly (on 9/14/11), to clarify my intentions. Further changes may be made in the next 10 days, so make sure you reread the prompt carefully before you begin your research. Background: This paper requires you to use information from the readings and lectures from the first several weeks of the semester. Your research can and usually should be restricted to the common materials provided for the course. However, you may consult outside materials provided that you select them carefully and cite them adequately. Historians have long focused on the ways that cultural, religious, economic, and social differences between Europeans and Native Americans, and between Europeans and Africans, produced conflict in North America. Turning this familiar interpretation on its head, Ann Little argues that the similarities between English settlers and their descendants, on the one hand, and Indian groups living in the northeastern borderlands, on the other hand, provoked conflict. Looking at the Chesapeake region,
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Paper_1_Prompt - Paper 1 Prompt Due October 3 11:59 pm...

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