exam12011 - (15 points 5 Which compound has the smallest...

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Advanced Inorganic Chemisry CHM 4611 First Examination Answer six of the following seven questions 1. Assign point groups to the following molecules. (15 points) 2. Using Slater’s rule assign the effective nuclear charge felt by a 7s electron and a 5p electron in a radium atom. (10 points) 3. Assign Lewis dot structures to the following molecules or molecular ions. If more than one significant resonance structure exists, state it. Also state the structure of each around the central atom using VSEPR theory. (15 points) S O 2 N 3 -1 P O 3 -3 4. Ethane in the staggered conformation has a C 3 a σ h and an improper rotation. Using the drawing shown below manipulate the molecule showing each of the three operations.
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Unformatted text preview: (15 points) 5. Which compound has the smallest bond angle in each group of molecules, briefly explain your choice. (15 points) PH 3 , AsH 3 SbCl 3 , SbBr 3 , SbI 3 PI 3 , AsI 3 , SbI 3 Cl Cl Cl H H Cl Cl H Br Cl Cl H I II III b e f d c a 6. Some elements in the periodic table have unusual electron configurations. Examples of these are Mo, Gd, Ag. Please show the expected electron configuration as predicted and the unusual configuration and state the reason why. (15 points) 7. Explain the definitions of the following (15 points) oxidation state and formal charge electronegativity and electron affinity electron affinity and ionization energy...
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exam12011 - (15 points 5 Which compound has the smallest...

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