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Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Ramón López de la Vega T e s t I I 1 2 / 6 / 0 0 Answer five of the following six questions. The question you do not want graded mark as omit. 1. A reaction is carried out as shown below. If the reaction occurs via an inner sphere mechanism, determine the products that are expected and how they are formed. Show intermediates. [(NH 3 ) 5 CoBr] +2 + 5H + + ( H 2 O ) 6 Cr +2 Æ ???? 2. Draw a molecular orbital diagram for CH 4 . Use group theory. Remember the carbon does not have any low lying d orbitals to use. 3. Show all possible hybridizations for H 2 Se. Apply group theory. 4. In Substitution reactions three possible mechanisms were discussed. These were the D mechanism, the A mechanism and the I mechanism. Describe each mechanism. Then show the differences between the I a and I d mechanisms. 5. What do the terms labile and inert mean. Is this the same as stable and unstable? Using molecular orbital arguments, why are the complexes d
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