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General Chemistry I exam 1 4/22/2011 R. Lopez de la Vega Name_____________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Calculate the molality of a solution formed by dissolving 27.8 g of LiI in 500.0 mL of water. A) 0.254 m B) 0.415 m C) 0.394 m D) 0.241 m E) 0.556 m 1) 2) Place the following solutions in order of increasing osmotic pressure. I. 0.15 M C 2 H 6 O 2 II. 0.15 M MgCl 2 III. 0.15 M NaCl A) II < I < III B) II < III < I C) I < II < III D) I < III < II E) III < I < II 2) 3) Given the following rate law, how does the rate of reaction change if the concentration of X is doubled? Rate = k [X][Y] 2 A) The rate of reaction will decrease by a factor of 2. B) The rate of reaction will increase by a factor of 5. C) The rate of reaction will increase by a factor of 2. D) The rate of reaction will increase by a factor of 4. E) The rate of reaction will remain unchanged. 3) 4) What is the overall order of the following reaction, given the rate law? X + 2 Y 4 Z Rate = k[X][Y] A) 1st order B) 3rd order C) 5th order D) 2nd order E) 0th order 4) 5) What data should be plotted to show that experimental concentration data fits a zeroth - order reaction? A) [reactant] vs. time B) 1/[reactant] vs. time C) ln[reactant] vs. time D) ln(k) vs. E a E) ln(k) vs. 1/T 5) 6) Which of the following concentration units are temperature dependent? A) mole fraction B) molality C) mass percent D) molarity E) none of the above. 6) B 1
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7) Choose the aqueous solution below with the lowest freezing point. These are all solutions of nonvolatile solutes and you should assume ideal van ʹ t Hoff factors where applicable. A) 0.075
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exam1fall2011f2 - GeneralChemistryI exam1 4/22/2011...

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