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General Chemistry I Practice exam 1 4/13/2011 R. Lopez de la Vega Name_____________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Give the major force between acetone and chloroform. 1) A) ion - ion B) dipole - dipole C) ion - dipole D) hydrogen bonding E) dispersion 2) Choose the situation below that would result in an exothermic ̇ H solution . 2) A) When ̇ H solute is close to ̇ H hydration B) When ̇ H solvent >> ̇ H solute C) When ̇ H solute < ̇ H hydration D) When ̇ H solute > ̇ H hydration E) There isn't enough information to determine. 3) Calculate the mass of oxygen (in mg) dissolved in a 5.00 L bucket of water exposed to a pressure of 1.13 atm of air. Assume the mole fraction of oxygen in air to be 0.21 and the Henry's law constant for oxygen in water at this temperature to be 1.3 × 10 - 3 M/atm. 3) A) 23.5 mg B) 49.4 mg C) 9.87 mg D) 13.7 mg E) 27.3 mg 4) Identify the colligative property. 4) A) boiling point elevation B) freezing point depression C) vapor pressure lowering D) osmotic pressure E) all of the above 5) Calculate the molality of a solution that is prepared by mixing 25.5 mL of CH 3 OH (d = 0.792 g/mL) and 387 mL of CH 3 CH 2 CH 2 OH (d = 0.811 g/mL). 5) A) 2.01 m B) 4.98 m C) 0.630 m D) 1.57 m E) 0.812 m 6) A solution is prepared by dissolving 49.3 g of KBr in enough water to form 473 mL of solution. Calculate the mass % of KBr in the solution if the density is 1.12 g/mL. 6) A) 10.1% B) 11.7% C) 9.31% D) 8.57% E) 10.4% 7) Calculate the mole fraction of total ions in an aqueous solution prepared by dissolving 0.400 moles of MgCl 2 in 850.0 g of water. 7)
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exam1practice - General Chemistry I P ractice exam 1...

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