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MULTIPLE CHOICE Chapter 1 What Is Organizational Behavior? 1. Over the past two decades, business schools have added required courses on people skills to many of their curricula. Why have they done this? a. Managers no longer need technical skills in subjects such as economics and accounting to succeed. b. There is an increased emphasis in controlling employee behavior in the workplace. c. Managers need to understand human behavior if they are to be effective. d. These skills enable managers to effectively lead human resources departments. e. A manager with good people skills can help create a pleasant workplace. 2. Which of the following would not be considered an organization? a. a church b. a university c. a military unit d. all adults in a given community e. an elementary school 3. Which of the following is not one of the four primary management functions? a. controlling b. planning c. staffing d. organizing e. leading 4. Which of a manager's primary functions requires the manager to define an organization's goals, establish an overall strategy for achieving these goals and develop a comprehensive hierarchy of plans to integrate and coordinate activities? a. controlling b. planning c. staffing d. coordinating e. leading 5. As a manager, one of Joe's duties is to present awards to outstanding employees within his department. Which Mintzberg managerial role is Joe acting in when he does this? a. leadership role b. liaison role c. monitor role d. figurehead role e. spokesperson role 6. Managers need to have three essential skills in order to reach their goals. What are these skills? a. technical, decisional and interpersonal b technical, human, and conceptual
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c. interpersonal, informational and decisional d. conceptual, communication and networking e. human, informational and communication 7. On which of the following problems would an OB study be least likely to focus ? a. an increase in absenteeism at a certain company b. a fall in productivity in one shift of a manufacturing plant c. a decrease in sales due to growing foreign competition d. an increase in theft by employees at a retail store e. excessive turnover in volunteer workers at a non-profit organization 8. Janet needs to assign a very important advertising account to one of her writers. First she reviewed each writers work load, then she studied the sales data of the products for the last three campaigns of each writer, then she reviewed each writer's annual review to familiarize herself with their goals. Finally, she gave the account to Paula, a very creative, efficient, writer who has had high sales results with her last three clients' products. Janet's management style is based on ________. a. intuition or "gut feeling"
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quiz2,3 - MULTIPLE CHOICE Chapter 1 What Is Organizational...

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