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Unit 7 Project 1 Running head: Happiness Interview Unit 7: Project Kristine Street HU300-28 Prof. Maurno
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Unit 7 Project 2 What Happiness Means to Others The first person I interviewed is Michael Street. Michael is my husband of eighteen years and is 40 years old. The second person that I interviewed is Lisa Lawrence. She is a local property manager that I run into occasionally. She is between the age of 42-47 and has lived in the area for the past six years. Interview with Michael Street Question: What is your definition of “Happiness”? Response: To me happiness is being healthy and having the love and support of your family. Question: Have you always felt that as the definition of happiness? Response: No, when I was younger I thought that happiness was having everything you wanted; having materialistic things . Question: Do you feel happiness comes natural or is it something you strive to achieve? Response: I feel that happiness is a state of mind that we have control over. I do believe that most of the time we have to strive for happiness. Question: Do you associate pleasure with happiness? How or Why? Response: Yes, there are certain activities such as going on vacation with my family or doing a hobby that I enjoy. I think that when I am experiencing pleasure that I am very happy . Question: Do you make happiness a goal? How? Response:
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KristineStreet_Unit7project_HU300 - Unit 7 Project Running...

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