Lab notes - Hypothesis: If the tree compositions found in...

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Hypothesis: If the tree compositions found in the Community 1, Community 2 and Community 3 observed at Homer Watson Park in Kitchener, Ontario are significantly different, then the sites are in different successional stages. The parameters to be used to compare species in their respective communities include absolute dominance of each species, density of the species, frequency of the species and the species’ Importance Value. The data will be collected using the Point-centered Quarter method (Mueller- Dombois et al., 1974) I think you are on the right track with your hypothesis, except we don't know exactily where the fire or milling occurred or whether it is directly tied to hemlocks/trees in community 2 (if you think you do know this, maybe I just missed reading it somewhere so let me know). It is alright to discuss this in your introduction, but I wouldn't include it as part of your hypothesis because it is too strong a statement since we don't actually know. In addition, you are hypothesizing that community 2 will eventually become like community 3 - this means we would need longitudinal data to eventually prove this. Instead, focus on the present and state that you hypothesize community 2 is not at the same successional stage as community 3. Make sense? To include all communities, maybe just make it simple like you hypothesize that all communities are at different successional stages - something like that. Then, you can include a statement of what
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Lab notes - Hypothesis: If the tree compositions found in...

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